From Flag to Flag

For the past several years, we lived with Ghana’s flag:


And now after two days of sporadic sleep in narrow airplane seats, shuffling through various immigration and customs lines, and sore muscles from moving six pieces of luggage, we will now live with this flag:


We praise and thank God for a safe arrival, even though our bodies will need more time to get over jet lag.  Also, we praise and thank God that all of our luggage has arrived!

It will take us some time to get reoriented to life in our passport country, but one thing that has at least made our first full day in the States enjoyable is my aunt making chocolate chip cookies.

Please stay tuned for more information on our transition and our new ministry in Western Iowa.



3 thoughts on “From Flag to Flag

  1. Welcome back to America!  Praying for an easy transition to your new station.Sincerely,Jim and Belen FryMiddletown Ohio

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