Happy New Church Year!


It’s been a week and a half as of 27 Nov. since we moved to western Iowa.  Boxes scattered around still hold all our stuff.  Moving is a slow process.

Today is the first Sunday in the New Church Year and I preached and led worship. I was nervous, but every time I forgot what to do next, I asked the congregation what was the next part showing on the screen and they kindly read it to me.  Okay, that only happened once.

A day or two after we arrived, we were invited out to supper with some of the church members.  We were given this great and practical gift:


Tied to the handle were gloves for me and Christina along with a fuzzy little snowman reminding us what is to come.

To get into the spirit, we went Black Friday shopping and bought two practical gifts for ourselves.  Here is one of them:


Church members have been very kind and welcoming and we’ll be settled in in no time.



One thought on “Happy New Church Year!

  1. Welcome back to the land of snow shovels and fuzzy coats. We ourselves have moved from Texas for a two-year period. We are in a rural section of western NY state, about an hour southeast of Buffalo, so Jan can teach linguistics at Houghton College. The autumn leaves were gorgeous, but now we await the offerings of winter!

    Larry & Jan

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